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I am originally from Thailand, and in my early years I saw some of the negative aspects of my birth country such as extreme poverty, corruption and a privileged social class system; moving to the UK in my early teens opened my eyes to different but still disturbing aspects of my new home such as the unsavoury sides of capitalism and the overconsumption of developed countries. I therefore see myself as a cultural hybrid influenced by the rich heritage and history of my birth country, but also attracted to the technology of an advanced country. This dual cultural background does not limit my outlook in my design process but enables me to see and appreciate a diversity of ideas and influences.


I graduated from Kingston University with Fashion (BA Hons) and achieved 1st class honours with a commendation for best accessories design. My embroidered accessories made out of unwanted electrical components won the Swarovski Sustainable Accessories Award at GFW18 and shortlisted for Hand & Lock Prize 2019. I was one of the top 3 finalists for both womenswear and embroidery junior designer roles in the Gucci Changemaker diversity campaign. I am currently studying MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear) at London College of Fashion where I aim to further explore my value as a designer and how I can use my work to make real positive change to society and the planet. I have recently been awarded UAL UK/EU Postgraduate Scholarship.

My manifesto is to embrace the technology of modern life, preserve traditional craftsmanship whilst helping to conserve and restore the planet. I am passionately addicted to creating beauty from the wastes, giving life to the unwanted, as well as practising the fine craftsmanship of garment making and hand embroidery. I want to create work which has the power to reflect on the conflict occurring in today’s reality to make society think and to give hope. Additionally, as someone who personally experienced unfair treatment and bullying in both workplaces and during my education, I also believe my voice and my background shown in my work can contribute to change for all minority communities. Much change and action is needed on all levels in today’s society, and I am eager to be part of the new generation who redefine the purpose of fashion in the midst of climate change and now the collapsing economic system caused by the current global pandemic.